DOCTOR WHO – Saison 4 – Épisode 2 « Fires Of Pompei » – Citations

Fires Of Pompei

Donna : Oh my god! It’s so roman! It’s fantastic!

The Doctor : You do think of difficult questions, don’t you ?

Donna : You’re kidding. You’re not telling me the Tardis has gone.

The Doctor : Okey.

Donna : Where is it then??

The Doctor : You… told me not to tell you.

Donna : Oi. Don’t get clever in latin.

Metella : You call it modern art, I call it a blooming great waste of space.

Quintus : Don’t tell my dad.

The Doctor : Only if you don’t tell mine

Donna : I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. But everyone is going to die.

Priestess : This pratling voice will cease forever!

The Doctor : Oh, that would be the day…

High priestess : your knwoledge is impossible

The Doctor : Ho but you can read my mind, you know it’s not. I demand you tell me who are?

The Doctor [brandishing a waterpistol] : I warn you, I am armed!

Donna : Where are we going to?

The Doctor : Into the Volcano.

Donna : No way.

The Doctor : Yes way. Appian way.

The Doctor : Because that’s how I see the universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was, what could be, what must not. That’s the burden of the Time Lord, Donna.

The Doctor : Don’t get yourself in a lava. In a lava? no?

Donna : No.

The Doctor : No.

The Doctor : yeah, I should warn you, it’s 70% water out there.

Donna : Not everyone, Doctor. Just save someone.

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