DOCTOR WHO – Saison 4 – Épisode 3 « Planet Of the Ood » – Citations

Planet Of the Ood

Ood : The file is irrelevant, sir. Have a nice day.

The Doctor : I could always take you home.

Donna : Yeah. Don’t laugh at me.

The Doctor : Yeah. Why do you think I keep going?

Donna : You’ve got a box. He’s got a Ferrari.

The Doctor : Yeah. That thing with the bees is odd.

Donna : Rough guide to the Ood Sphere? Works for me.

The Doctor : Last time I saw the Ood… I never thought… I never asked!

Donna : That’s not like you.

The Doctor : I was busy.

Donna : Is that why you travel with a human at your side? It’s not so that you can show them the wonder of the universe, it’s so you can take cheap shots?

Donna : What is it with that Persil ball?

Donna : you must have met Houdini or something!

The Doctor : These are really good handcuffs!

Donna : Ho, well, I’m glad. I mean, at least we’ve got quality(!)

Donna : I think your song must end soon.

The Doctor : Meaning ?

Donna : Every song must end.

Écrit par Midori