DOCTOR WHO – Saison 4 – Épisode 6 « The Doctor’s Daughter » – Citations

The Doctor's Daughter

Martha : you are completely impossible!

The Doctor : I am not impossible!

The Doctor : We are not armed. No weapons. Never any weapons.

Donna: [to the Doctor] : Not what you’d call a natural parent, are you ?

The Doctor : Look, just because I share physiological traits with simian primates doesn’t make me a monkey’s uncle, does it ?

Donna : I am not his woman.

The Doctor : We… we’re not a couple.

Jenny : You keep insisting you’re not a soldier. But look at you. Drawing up strategies like a proper general.

The Doctor : No. I am trying to stop the fighting.

Jenny : Isn’t every soldier ?

The Doctor : well err. I suppose. But… that’s… that’s…

Donna : Oh. You. Are. Speechless. I’m loving this! You keep on, Jenny!

Donna : Let me distract this one. I have picked a few womanly wiles over the years.

The Doctor : Not impossible. Just a bit unlikely.

The Doctor : you’re my daughter. And we barely just started. You’re going to be more than great. You’re going to be amazing.

The Doctor : Too much. That’s the truth of it. She was too much like me.

Donna : I’m gonna travel with that man forever.

The Doctor : There is always something worth living for, Martha.

Donna / Jenny : Planets to save, civilisation to rescue, creatures to defeat… and an awfull lot of runing to do.

Écrit par Midori