DOCTOR WHO – Saison 4 – Épisode 10 « Midnight » – Citations

Sky Silvestry : So what is this? Chicken or beef?

The Doctor : I think it’s both…

The Doctor : Sorry, I’m the Doctor, I’m very clever.

The Doctor : And I’ve spoken with the Captain, I can *guarantee* you, everything’s fine. [knocking starts]

Val Cane : Oh, and you’re so special!

The Doctor : As it happens, yes I am.

Dee Dee Blasco : Well, six seconds exactly. That’s enough time to throw someone out.

The Doctor : Well, thanks Dee Dee, that’s *just* what we needed!

The Doctor : [after intense discussion and arguing] Because I’m clever!

The Doctor : The hostess… what was her name?

Professor Hobbes : I don’t know.

Donna Noble : I can’t imagine you without a voice.

The Doctor : Molte bene.

Donna Noble : [repeats] Molte bene.

The Doctor : No. Don’t do that. Don’t. Really. Don’t.

[Sky stares intensely at the frightened passengers]

Dee Dee Blasco, Sky Silvestry : We must not look at goblin men.

Biff Cane, Sky Silvestry : What’s that supposed to mean?

The Doctor, Sky Silvestry : It’s a poem. Christina Rossetti.

Dee Dee Blasco, Sky Silvestry : We must not look at goblin men / We must not buy their fruits / Who knows upon what soil they fed / Their hungry, thirsty roots?

The Doctor, Sky Silvestry : Actually, I don’t think that’s helping.

The Doctor, Sky Silvestry : [Sky is possessed by something and is able to say the exact thing the Doctor says while he says it] Oh, Doctor, you’re so handsome. Yes, I am. Thank You.

The Doctor : Allons-y!

Donna Noble : Oy! And you be careful, all right?

The Doctor : Ahh, taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight? What could possibly go wrong?

Dee Dee Blasco : I’m just a second-year student, but I wrote a paper on the lost moon of Poosh. Professor Hobbes read it, liked it, took me on as researcher, just for the holidays. Well, I say « researcher, » most of the time he’s got me fetchin’ and carryin’. But it’s all good experience.

The Doctor : And did they ever find it?

Dee Dee Blasco : Find what?

The Doctor : The lost moon of Poosh.

Dee Dee Blasco : [laughing] Oh, no, not yet.

The Doctor : Well, maybe that’ll be your great discovery one day. Here’s to Poosh.

Dee Dee Blasco : [returning toast] Poosh.

The Doctor : No. No, I’m with this friend of mine. Donna. She stayed behind in the Leisure Palace. You?

Sky Silvestry : No, it’s just me.

The Doctor : Oh, I’ve done plenty of that, traveling on my own. I love it! Do what you want, go anywhere.

Sky Silvestry : Ah, I’m still getting used to it. I found myself single rather recently, not by choice.

The Doctor : What happened?

Sky Silvestry : Oh, the usual. She needed her own space, as they say. A different galaxy, in fact. I reckon that’s enough space, don’t you?

The Doctor : Yeah. I had a friend went to a different universe.

The Doctor : Why are you repeating?

Sky Silvestry : Why are you repeating?

The Doctor : What is that, learning?

Sky Silvestry : What is that, learning?

The Doctor : Copying?

Sky Silvestry : Copying?

The Doctor : Absorbing?

Sky Silvestry : Absorbing?

The Doctor : The square root of pi is 1.7…

Sky Silvestry : [talking over] The square root of pi is…

The Doctor : 7245385090…

Sky Silvestry : 1.77245385…

The Doctor : 551602729…

Sky Silvestry : 090551602…

The Doctor : 816748334…

Sky Silvestry : 729816748…

The Doctor : 1. Wow.

Sky Silvestry : 3341. Wow.

[the passengers share amazed, incredulous looks]

Professor Hobbes : But that’s impossible.

Sky Silvestry : [turning to look at Professor Hobbes] But that’s impossible.

Dee Dee Blasco : She couldn’t repeat all that.

Sky Silvestry : [to Dee Dee] She couldn’t repeat all that.

Val Cane : Tell her to stop.

Sky Silvestry : [to Val Cane] Tell her to stop.

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